The First Light

Before I wake up to find the earth abiding by rules as usual, the first light, before touching anything made by men, touches the leaves. Before touching the filth that keeps piling up, the towers that keeps blocking the sun, the odor that keeps getting louder, the sighs that keeps getting quieter, and the men…

Fair Ophelia

Who amongst us haven’t thought about going mad?But like all things insurmountable in life,you can’t really mount madness whenever  you want to.Want.Another  insurmountable wish.Wish.A threatening prospect.To whom, you might ask.And if you have to ask, this is not for you. “Oh! Fair Ophelia!”The court now asks,Why did you go mad? For what lamenting lover?For what…

Primitive Malady

Madness in people remind them of the uncivilized unclipped souls they left behind in caves deep into the forests. Forests where leaves grow unruly and misbehaved.Caves where paints grow from cherry vines and ginger flowers.Souls where dreams grow as deities, and love grows as a strike against the survival of the fittest.


I couldn’t even live up to me. Rainbows slept in riverbeds Watching skies go blind by the world. Rainbow isn’t in it. The world.“Count me out!”, he said. “I couldn’t even live up to me.”The morning star sighed. The green new leaf that just felt the coming of an winter in the air, meant no…

The Stalker Moon and Broken Eggshells

Walking on a toppled over love,No matter how quiet and precise you tiptoe,You are gonna hear the immeasurable pain,That gained momentum by the booming moonlight . The moon is trying too hard, no?And he is kind of a stalker frankly.Wherever you go,There he is! I can relate to that. Walking on eggshells of some unfortunate…

Asylum 2

The dream they offered reeked of expensive cologne.And we were ashamed.And reminded.Of the fleshy musty smell.That we carry.Of our dismal homes.


The dream that they offered  reeked of heaven.A castle in the sky.It floated before the eyes.Rumors also floated.That, meanwhile, the sky is falling apart.“What floats can fall apart!”Some inmate yelled out before falling apart.Is the sky floating?But, we were told before that,By some beggars in shrewd costumes,“You don’t ask the right questions!”