Fair Ophelia

Who amongst us haven’t thought about going mad?
But like all things insurmountable in life,
you can’t really mount madness whenever  you want to.
Another  insurmountable wish.
A threatening prospect.
To whom, you might ask.
And if you have to ask, this is not for you.

“Oh! Fair Ophelia!”
The court now asks,
Why did you go mad?

For what lamenting lover?
For what fearful father?
For what betrayed brother?

Ophelia, did you know before dying,
that not even your madness belongs to you.
Not even your death.
In a cyclical world,
you remain, forever,
A reaction.
A reflection.
A ‘Mermaid’.

Different from the reflection you saw just before deciding to fall in.
The body that was ushered on endlessly.
From hands to hands.
Oh so many touches!
No wonder the water felt appealing.

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance..”
A cyclical world.
Now the Ophelias go mad,
and stay alive.
They shout and whisper, in their ‘psychotic women voices’,
Why they did.
And they remember.
All things theirs and yours.
“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance..”

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